Tuesday, July 14, 2015

MTGO Library Bot 9.93

ML Bot 9.93 introduces the "market share" info boxes on the Online Control Panel, on the dashboard, right below the central graphs (scroll down if you have a small screen).

What is there? The market share boxes tell you how your bots are doing in the Magic Online market, with reference to the number and the value of the trades. In the example below, the bots did trades for 0.91% of the value of the market in the last 7 days, and 0.89% in the last month (the bots basically earned a 0.02% share).

The idea is to give you a measure of "how much" you are performing compared to other bots, so you can answer questions like: "this week I did well: is this because my bots are doing well, or is this because the overall MTGO economy is doing well?". And viceversa: "this month I had few trades: and I losing trades and market share, or is the overall economy slowing down a bit?" 

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