Friday, July 17, 2015

Magic Origins Impact on Modern!

Goblin PiledriverHi Everyone!

Sorry for writing on Friday instead of Wednesday like I usually do. I have had the roughest July in my life and this week was my busiest week of work of the year. Fortunately things can go back to normal now!

Anyway, it's a little stale on Magic Online right now. During the Magic Origins previews there was a lot going on in terms of speculation. But now that the set is out in paper it made me think about two things. First I thought about Goblins, then about Elves.

Shaman of the PackGoblins and Elves are two of my favorite decks, in fact my first Magic Online Legacy deck was Goblins, it's by no means tier 1, but it sure is fun to play. Modern is getting Goblin Piledriver for the first time. Piledriver is by far one of the single best goblins ever printed. It's going to be an amazing addition to Goblins.

Elves are getting the Shaman of the Pack. Shaman of the pack is like a Gray Merchant for Elves. I think there are plenty of games where the opponent is at 7 or 8 life and drops a large creature to block and eat an elf a turn so it would appear that the aggro plan isn't going to pull off a win. That's where Shaman comes in, he drains your opponent and beats cards like Ensnaring Bridge or Ghostly Prison.

Those are two cards that I will be trying out in Modern and I think you should too!

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