Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Modern Bible of RG Tron chapter 20 - Gameplay videos

This week we will look at some sample videos with RG Tron. I have played more than 100 matches with the deck and filmed the majority of them. These are not the most popular, those were in chapter 10:

This week I want to focus on the 50/50 matchups and matchups where sideboarding decisions really matter.

You can find more RG Tron Gameplay videos on the YouTube channels MagicGatheringStrat and MagicGatheringStrat2.

RG Tron vs Burn
This was a very recent match where I screwed up sideboarding. I had not updated my SB plan and missed the fact that I had put Feed the Clan in the sideboard.

This is also perhaps the most interesting of all the problem matchups and worth taking a look at.

RG Tron vs Merfolk
This matchup is also very close to a 50/50 and every decision counts.

RG Tron vs Delver
Delver can overrun us if we draw poorly. This is one of the big reasons to run the full set of Pyroclasm always.

RG Tron vs Abzan

As you are probably wondering about it - yes! I am still trying out Ugin. I am still not convinced - he seems so much win-more to me, but this is the matchup where he shines.

For a full list of the chapters of The Modern Bible check out this link:


  1. Could you elaborate a little on the reasoning behind Combust over Rending Volleys in the sideboard? Is it purely to hit Siege Rhinos?

    1. I am just slow in testing Rending Volley. It is probably a good replacement for Combust. I don't sideboard in Combust against Siege Rhinos anyway. I think the difference between the two cards is very small but if I have to pick one it would be Rending Volley at this point. I will try to remember to replace the Combusts before I do my Friday video this week.