Monday, July 20, 2015

Surges in Format Popularity on Magic Online

TarmogoyfHi Everyone!

I remember last summer when Vintage Masters was here and prices of the "ultra mythics" were sky high, then after it left the prices dropped.

I didn't really expect it, because I didn't think everyone would be so excited at Magic 2015 (if you remember there were free sealed events and it didn't impact Standard much). I assumed this was because it was a "special set" that introduced a new format to Magic Online.

Well, I wasn't exactly right. The same thing seems to happen with other sets. The other sets I'm talking about are "special" also, but it's not about a new set. I'm talking about Modern Masters 2015, Tarmogoyf, specifically.

What's the deal? Normally, cards go up significantly after they are off sale online. That's not the case with Tarmy right now. It's only marginally higher than it's lowest point ever on Magic Online.

The deal is that people get all excited about new standard cards and sell off cards in order to buy new ones.

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