Sunday, March 20, 2016

Round Seven of the Pauper Gauntlet - the Round of Death

Round seven has turned into a round of death. After an amazing 18-5 record in round six top decks have been dropping dead like flies in round seven.  If a deck loses a single match now it is eliminated for good.

The big question now is which ten decks will be the top ten decks of the Pauper Gauntlet S03. Being a top ten deck automatically qualifies you for season four and is a pretty big deal as the deck also goes on the Pauper Gauntlet Wall of Fame for all eternity.

What is the Pauper Gauntlet?
All about the Pauper Gauntlet Season 03:
All the deck lists:

Round seven
Round seven is played in the Tournament Practice room.Here are all the results of round seven so far.

BorosKitty Initiated fails to repeat its season one win and falls to MBC 0-2
Slivers dies to Burn 0-2
Mono Red Heroic loses to Zoo Hexproof
Green One defeats Selesnya Tokens 2-0
Stompy fails to repeat its season two win and dies to Izzet Control 0-2

Death! Death everywhere! 1-4!

RUG Tron is defeated by Delver 0-2
Aristocrats defeats RUG Tron 2-0
Spiteful Leeches somehow defeats Delver 2-0. The loss of Cloud of Fairies surely hurts Delver.
BUGs & Pigs wins against DelverFiend 2-0
Izzet Cooldotha gets crushed by Slivers Support Flyers (?)  0-2

4-6! That is SIX (6!) eliminations so far!!! 60% losses!

Cyborgs defeats Dimir Control 2-1
WW Soul Tokens wins against Tortured MBC 2-1
MBC defeats BorosKitty because of a quit

Ok, three more wins! So 7-6 so far. Five matches to go!

Moving on to round eight: Green One, Aristocrats, Spiteful Leeches, BUGs & Pigs, Cyborgs, MBC, WW Soul Tokens.

Two White Weenie decks in the very top! And surely some other decks that are still alive are quite suprising!

Five decks left to play: Pig Trinket, Stompy Tokens, Bant Sword and Shield, UG Madness and Goblin Storm.

What happens now?
Round seven ends on Monday March 21st. If less than ten decks remain there will be a qualification playoff for the last spots in the top ten between the decks that were eliminated in round seven before we proceed with round eight.

Top ten decks still alive
BUGs & Pigs and Green One remains alive as the only two Top Ten decks from last season.

The Eliminations to this point
Round seven eliminations so far: BorosKitty Initiated, Slivers, Mono Red Heroic, Stompy (the defending champion), RUG Tron and Izzet Cooldotha. These decks still have a chance to get to play the top ten qualification playoff for a spot in the top ten of S03.
19th place (round six): Infect, Blue Bichinho, Death Control, Burn (runner-up from last season) and Pauper Nightmare. 
24th place (round five) Illusory Tricks, White Heroes, Goblins, Suicide Black, Turbo Angler, Simic Oracle, Kuldotha Mardu, Elves, Rhystic Tron, MUC, Black Auramancer, Love Train, 
36th place (round four) Counter-Kitty,UB Trinket Control, Rakdos Vampires, Flying Ninjas, Turbo Zoo, Shroudfang Ninja. Delver, Green Ramp LD, Snow-Go, Turbo Exhume
45th place: Shared by the 26 decks eliminated in round threeAffinity, Exhume Control, Familiars, Rebel Grind, Pestilence Control, Encroaching Blight, Green Grifters, The Pauper Gauntlet, Project X, Tortured Toolbox, RG Land Crusher, RG Landfall, DelverFiend, Eggs, Gary Busey LD, Selesnya Flash, Abzan Grindhouse, Bant Fog, Crocajund, BUG Proliferators, Evil Allies, Land-o-derm, Pig Trinket, Sultai Delve, 5-color Green
70th place: Shared by nine decks that died during double Elimination, (round one and two): Red Land Destruction, Mono Black Land Destruction, Glass Cannon Red, Tortured Madness,  Cheaty Morph, Living End, 1-land Spy, UB Justice Control and Dragon Delve.

Round 1 ended 56-22 (72% match win rate)
Round 2 ended 13-9 (59% win)
Round 3 ended 43-26 (62% win)
Round 4 ended 32-11 (74% win - best win rate so far in Pauper Gauntlet history!)
Round 5 ended 23-12 (66% win)
Round 6 ended 18-5 (78% win) - a new record!

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  1. Hi, the spreadsheet is from me. I posted it in the comments of a Bant Sword and Shield match.
    But the link here in this article seems not to work, maybe it got corrupted when pasting it here.
    And I think I will add more protection to it so people don't delete stuff in it or make nonsense.

    1. OK, good point. Thanks for a fantastic spreadsheet. I will remove the link here

    2. OK, good point. Thanks for a fantastic spreadsheet. I will remove the link here