Sunday, June 5, 2016

How to become a judge?

Becoming a judge is much easier than you might expect. In order to achieve this objective, three preconditions need to be met. First of all, get in touch with a level 2+ judge. This might be your friend at your local store or someone else. Then, you will judge literally any two sanctioned events. It could be even a Friday Night Magic. Finally, once you have done two events, you will need to pass the level one exam.

The passing score is 70+ % on both rules and policy questions. It seems like difficult task, but it is quite opposite if you have been playing Magic for a while. As a competitive player you should be able to answer correctly to the most of questiones. Additionally, there are plenty resources online on the Wizards Judge Center and you may practise any time. If something is still not clear, existing judges will be pleased to resolve your doubts. On the other hand, the policy questiones are not so obvious unless you have a lot of tournament experience. For instance, you must know how to fix the game state when something goes wrong. But again, Wizards provide you all required rulings, just read them. When you are ready to take the exam go and ask level 2+ judge to test you, his presence is obligatory. At the test, you will be shown and asked to abide by the Judge Code of Conduct and have a short interview about your motivation behind becoming a judge. If you pass, you will be congratulated and welcomed into the program!

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