Sunday, June 12, 2016

How to draft Eternal Masters?

I'm presenting Eternal Masters archetypes and cards which they consist of. Please note that I generally focused on commons and uncommons. I didn't list down cards that are good for every archetype, such as Sword to Plowshares. Here we go:

U/W Flying:
core: Warden of Evos Isle; Thunderclap Wyvern, Mistral Charger; Squadron Hawk; Serra Angel; Soulcatcher; Wall of Omen; Glacial Wall; Giant Tortoise; Coalition Honor Guard; Gaseous Form; Phantom Monster; Man-o-War; Kor Hookmaster; Memory Lapse; Silent Departure

U/B Reanimator:
core: Animate Dead; Extract from Darkness; Victimize; Merfolk Looter; Phyrexian Ingester; Twisted Abomination; Havoc Demon; Deep Analysis; Giant Tortoise; Gravedigger and fatties like: Sphinx of the Steel Wind

B/R Tokens:
core: Blood Artist; Tragis Slip; Wake Dancer; Gravedigger; Victimize; Tooth and Claw; Mogg War Marshal; Sengir Autocrat; Beetleback Chief; Torrent of Souls; Ghitu Slinger; Keldon Champion; Carion Feeder; Keldon Marauders; Stingcourger.

R/G Aggro:
core: Firebolt; Rancor; Kird Ape; Elephant Guide; Flinthoof Boar; Fervent Cathar; Sylvan Might; Elvish Vanguard; Avarax; Emperor Crocodile; Bloodbraid Elf; Sentinel Spider

W/G Enchantress:
core: Yavimaya Enchantress; Ancestral Mask; Armadillo Cloak; Mesa Enchantress; Argothian Enchantress;Monk Idealist; Abudant Growth; Rancor; Pacifism; Faith's Fetters; Hoden, of the Life's Web; Hoden of Cleasing Fire; Roots; Elephant Guide

W/B Blink:
core: Glimmerpoint Sage; Nekrataal; Phyrexian Rager; Whitemane Lion; Wall of Omens; Aven Riftwatcher; Kor Hookmaster; Gravedigger; Sengir Autocrat; Zealus Persecution, Calciderm; Field of Souls.

core: Flashback: Burning Vengeance; Deep Analysis; Firebolt; Oona's Grace; Flame Jab; Silent Departure; Quiet Speculation; Screeching Scab; Dream Twist; Faithless Looting; Wee Dragonauts; Man-o-War; Stingcourger; Young Pyromancer.

B/G Elves:
core: Timberwatch Elf; Lys Alana Huntmaster; Wirewood Symbiote; Shaman of the Pack; Elvish Vanguard; Imperious Perfect; Lys Alana Scarblade; Blightsoil Druid; Eyeblight's Ending

U/G Threshold:
core: Nimble Moongoose; Werebear, Merfolk Looter; Commune of the Gods; Wonder; Brawn; Cephalid Sage; Roar of the Wurm; Screeching Scab; Fact or Fiction.

W/R Aggro:
core: Rally the Peasants; Raise the Alarm; Mogg War Marshal; Squadron Hawk; Beetleback Chief; Mistral Charger; Ballyknock Cohort; Keldon Champion; Borderland Marauder; Fervent Cather; Glimmerpoint Stag; Keldon Marauders; Whtiemane Lion; Reckless Charge; Flame-Kin Zealot

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