Sunday, June 26, 2016


Most of students know the feeling 'if I had one day more to study I would make it'. Usually with playtesting is no different. The lack of time is probably problem numer one that you will face. Hence, you need to maximize your time. No matter, if you are playtesting it with your teammates or online. Playtesting with person you know is prefered, because you know if he or she is skilled or not. There is nothing worse than online playtesting with random person and finding out after 10 minutes, that your opponent is doing basic mistakes so your playtesting is not reliable. Take a look at some tips I've prepared specially for you:

The aim of playtesting is to learn. It is more important to understand the flow, dynamics and interactions of the matchup rather than focusing solely on winning and losing. If you perceive playtesting as a record for example 70% winrate, change your way of thinking. You are not doing it for excellent results, but mostly to get know with key elements and familiarize how the game could possibly play out and adjusting to this state. Magic is a game full of variance. You need to adapt to different scenarios, while remembering that two different players can pilot the same deck very differently. Testing 10 games is not representative, but testing 10 games can still be enough to understand a matchup. However, do not neglect sideboarding process. Of course, it makes sense only in established metagame or when you may foresee others players deck choice.

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