Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clan Support

Setting Out From The Pack
There is a laundry list of things you can do to set your bot apart from others. It can be tedious at times but you should do your best to apply every advantage you can to improve your relationship with customers. Associating yourself and your bot chain with a prominent MTGO clan can lend some authority and respect to your business.

Clan support gives you a few advantages on competition. Clan members, clan events and a clans reputation all can have an impact on how people view your bot and influence the outcome of trades.

Clan Members
Clan members themselves can be a great source of inventory and sales for your bot. A clan that drafts will have plenty of cards they don’t need and want to offload. Many of them will want to support the clan bot even if it is not the best value for their cards because the spirit of comradely. Why give a faceless bot owner all your good cards when you can help out a clan member and help promote the clan?

Clan Events
Clan events can also lend some credence to your bot chain. By sponsoring or running events with your clan you can expand your sphere of respect to non-clan members. This also draws people to your bot who normally would never have visited.

Clan Reputation
A clan’s reputation also can have an impact on your bots performance. If you have a clan that is notorious for being particularly effective in standard for example, people may notice your bot within the clan and expect that you’ll have a respectable standard inventory. Of course this only introduces people to your bot and you will indeed have to have an exceptional standard inventory to keep people coming, but getting a foot in the door is half the battle.

Picking the right clan for your chain might be a difficult process but it may ultimately help you secure your corner of dominance in the MTGO marketplace. Post your experience with your bot and clan interaction in the comments! We’d love to know what kind of success and failure you’ve had!


  1. my clan is part of the reason for my bot success (BestDeal) currently 4th on clans top5

    1. Are you able to estimate the additional growth you had because of the Clan? Something like "before the Clan I had 100 trades a day, now I have 120". Did you collect some data at the time you joined the Clan?

  2. when I set trades over 5tix on last month of so . The graph with "trades per buddy" the top 5-6 buddies that trades with my bot on big trades, at least 3-4 of them will be clanmates.

    out of my best 100 customers, 50+ are clanmates, I would love some bot feature to benefict buddies or clanmates (like detecting the smile or clan icon) giving a set % extra (like 2% more when buying or selling) to clanmembers. but then these "extra benefits" wouldnt be shown on wikiprice.

    1. It makes sense.
      Interesting to know that among the top customers, 3-4 are clanmates. This means that being the £bot of the clan" gives (at least) +25%/+30%

  3. depending on the clan. Remember i have over 400 members on the clan (had above 1000, removed the inactive ones) and the clan is on the top5