Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Text Formatting Codes

I went hunting for some text formatting codes and couldn't find a list that had everything I needed so I took up the task to consolidate and list everything that I could find/discovered.

Mana Symbols 
[sW] = White Mana
[sU] = Blue Mana
[sR] = Red Mana
[sB] = Black Mana
[sG] = Green Mana

Phyrexian Mana Symbols
[s;p] = White Mana
[s;q] = Blue Mana
[s;s] = Red Mana
[s;r] = Black Mana
[s;t] = Green Mana
[s;u] = Mana Symbol

         Hybrid Mana Symbols
[s;b] = {w/b}
[s;h] = {r/w}
[s;d] = {u/r}
[s;c] = {u/b}
[s;f] = {b/g}
[s;i] = {g/w}
[s;j] = {g/u}
[s;g] = {r/g}
[s;a] = {w/b}
[s;e] = {b/r}
[sp] = Snow Mana
[s;k] = {2/w}
[s;l] = {2/u}
[s;m] = {2/b}
[s;n] = {2/r}
[s;o] = {2/g}

Bubble Numbers
[s0] – [s9] = {0} – {9}
[sa] = {10}
[sb] = {11}
[sc] = {12}
[sd] = {13}
[se] = {14}
[sf] = {15}
[sg] = {16}
[sh] = {17}
[si] = {18}
[sj] = {19}
[sk] = {20}

Expansion Symbols
[sSET XXX Y] =  XXX is the expansion code and Y is the rarity. For example [sSET GTC R] will produce a Gatecrash rare expansion symbol.

Card Type Symbols
[sSpellL] = Land symbol
[sSpellA] = Artifact symbol
[sSpellC] = Creature symbol
[sSpellS] = Sorcery symbol
[sSpellI] = Instant symbol
[sSpellE] = Enchantment symbol

Other Symbols
[sLizard] = Lizard Logo
[sHat] = Wizards Hat
[sBooster] = Booster Pack
[sAdept] = ORC eye
[sPig] = Pig
[sClan] = Clan
[sS] = Smiley Face
[sF] = Frowny Face
[sY] = Yucky Face
[sMute] = Muted
[sE] = Trophy
[sWiz] = WotC logo
[sZ] = Away Icon ‘zzzz’
[sT] = Tap
[sQ] = Untap
[sPB B] = Black Paintbrush
[sPB W] = White Paintbrush
[sCLONE] = Clone
[sDECK] = Deck
[sFOLDER] = Folder
[sGY] = Tombstone
[sLifeHeart] = Heart
[sSwoosh] = Shooting Star

Up/Down Arrows
[sV] = Red Down Arrow (Small)
[sArrCardsD] = Green Down Arrow
[sArrGameplayD] = Red Down Arrow
[sArrSettingsD] = Light Blue Down Arrow
[sArrAdminD] = Grey Down Arrow
[sArrCommunityD] = Purple Down Arrow
[sArrHelpD] = Yellow Down Arrow
[sArrCardsU] = Green Up Arrow
[sArrGameplayU] = Red Up Arrow
[sArrSettingsU] = Light Blue Down Arrow
[sArrAdminU] = Grey Up Arrow
[sArrCommunityU] = Purple Up Arrow
[sArrHelpU] = Yellow Up Arrow
[sListBoxArrowU] = Shiny Up Arrow
[sListBoxArrowD] = Shiny Down Arrow

Most of the information came from the following websites. I corrected a great deal of mistakes that were made as well as contributed a considerable amount of icons and symbols that were not listed on either website. If I missed anything let me know in the comments and I'll add them to the list!



  1. Good list! I don't think you missed anything.

  2. I was digging around in the MTGO directory and I noticed quite a few I've missed. I'll get around to updating it soon. There also seems to be a dozen or so icons in the client that seemingly can not be used in the actual game. This is actually pretty common. Things don't always make the final cut. However, there are some pretty neat icons in there that would be nice to have!

  3. Yes, Thank you Peter this was very helpful!

  4. you missed the code that changes in game text to a bigger size and codes to change the color of your text