Thursday, February 28, 2013

How do I Attract more customers?

Hello fellow ML bot owners,

       I recently was talking to a new bot owner and the first thing he said to me was "I  hardly have any trades, how do I get more customers?" I really think this is the question we all ask ourselves. So I thought about it and have come up with 5 things that I believe help attract more customers.

1). Classifieds

Make sure your classified advertisement is clean to the point and easy to read. Bots that have janky advertisement, use other bots names, and do not display prices are easily skipped over.

MTGOLibrary Bots

2). Wiki Prices

Wikiprice  is  a spot basically for customers to search for card that you are selling. Yes this can attract bot raiders but we are not here to discuss that, click here for that post. It also attracts good customers that need cards for their deck. You don't have to be the cheapest either, people need quantity, if your bot has four of a certain card and a cheaper bot has only one most likely they will use your bot. You can also look and see how you compare to other bots and adjust prices accordingly.

3). Time

You have to give it time! It took 3 months for me to get close to the number of traders that I would like and its growing everyday. You must keep your bots up 24/7, Customers tend to use the same bots over and over again mainly because of credits, but also because humans are creatures of habit. If your bot is down for any reason guess what? You just lost a sale, but more important you may have lost a customer.

4). Pricing

Lower prices sell your cards fast, yes this is true. I have found that not being the lowest pays off more because you tend to have stock and get you that little bit of edge on profits, also helps protect you from sudden price increases or decreases. Below is an example of where you should be on the wiki.

Wiki Prices

5). Clan Support

There was a great article recently written by Peter about this, click here for that article. You have to build a clan or join a strong clan and be active. You building a business, clan members are a great customer pool and will keep loyalties to your bots even if they pay a little more.

I hope this helps all the new bot owners that we have joining us and for all you veterans out there I would love to hear what has worked for you.

Modo handle: Teamstoge


  1. your buy prices are a bit low ;)

    1. Yes, they are low. But this is my selling bot. My buying bots pay a lot more.

  2. Replies
    1. Daggius, are you the owner of snapcasterbot? if so hit me up on Skype I wouldn't mind chatting sometime. My Skype name is Topdogsof2.

    2. can u pls email me at daggius at, i dont use skype much

  3. You won't believe how many persons are willing to sell cards even at very low prices just to get "these extra tixs" :_)

  4. used to be one of them myself ;]

  5. Me too. When a release event is starting, and you need "those extra tixs", you do not mind selling at a cheap price. The urgency is a major force.

  6. Marketers know this. When, for instance, they say "buy this, limited edition, available only till xx/yy"

  7. still makes more sense to sell it for 8 instead of 5, if you need tix that badly.
    If you type Boros reckoner on classifieds, takes 5 seconds to find a bot that buys for 8. (faster than going wikiprice and less likely to have different pricings/buying quantities).

  8. I actually think is more the other way around. People want as much tix as they can for their cards, Yet are ok with buying a card for more given the convinience of getting it all off the same bot (making buy and selling for 10% over other bots better than buying and selling for 10% less, since this 2nd option will mean that your collection is very limited).

  9. I agree with Carlos (Carlos, do you speak spanish?), for the last two months, I have bought for 25%-50% less and sold for 15% less. I had many customers, but bought only bulk commons/uncommons. Last week I ajusted my prices, and now I sell 15% (bulk cards), 10%, 5% or 0% less depending on the card, and the same for buying (bulk cards 50% less, and other cards 10%, 5% or 0% less depending on the card) and my bot started buying top cards.

  10. i pushed my buy prices on the start of the year (new year's plans etc :). buy prices (on standard sets) are at about : +30% mythics +31% rares +35% uncommons + 125% commons (gone 5-10% up from previous )this make my bot buy at the cheapest bots sell prices, Selling -1% mythic and rare, -5% Uncommon and common (gone about 5-10% down from previous). This resulted in number of trades in january being twice as many than december, and trades in february 3 times more than december. Also turn 3 of my bulk bots into Buying and selling at same price which means i am attracting many new customers (and increased % of trading mode from 4% up to 17%). I didnt get ANY tix profit in the last 2 months, but my collection value gone up about 2000$.