Saturday, February 2, 2013

ML Bot Correction + Personal Percentages

Setting up Personal Percentages

Hi everyone, I've had a few emails asking me about the corrections and personalpercentages interactions so I've decided to make this table to make it all easier for whoever might be thinking of having different prices for specific sets.

I used Personal Percentages to allow my main bot buying/selling standard sets with a strong positive correction without affecting my "lower" classic corrections (which are harder to sell).

If you're having difficulties with what will the "final percentage" be after setting both corrections this table will help!

 (click to zoom)

For example if you have your bot set to buy all regular rares for -30% and wish to buy Return to Ravnica regular rares at about +10% above cardsmtgo3 pricelist, then you need to set it on personal percentages as +55% or +60% resulting in +9% or +12% respectively.
( RTR;RARE;+0%;+0%;+55%;+0% )

Be aware that having ML Bot at +80% and set personal percentages at +80% will result in buying at 224% above pricelist (more than triple the value on pricelist)

Hope it helps. Please comment if you have any questions or need assistance.


  1. been doing a lot of commenting and few of my own posts, so I've decided that my next one had to be something actually useful :).

  2. The table you made is absolutely useful :) I guess you spent lot of time

  3. first half of it i made on calculator (1.8x1.8) 1.8x1.75 etc. then I've figured out a way to do it with formulas (excel)

    =((1+C34)*(1+$D$6))-1 and drag right. repeat repeat repeat :P

  4. i will email you the Excel doc.

  5. colors were manually, but thats quick to do

    1. Thanks for this x4dow. Recreated for use with my bot calculation file. I'm sure you've already found it (especially since you've already finished), but there is a way to automatically do coloring as well. It's called "Conditional Formatting" and can color all the selected cells for you quickly and easily based on a multitude of criteria.

  6. Recevied. Thanks, much appreciated