Sunday, February 17, 2013

Meta after new ban list

I know it's too early to say how meta will exactly look like in the future. Meta-clarification process takes some time, but within these 2 week time we can observe some trends in deck picking. Majority of people cannot be in the wrong. My analysis is based on recent daily events.

I'd like to remind you that Invigorate, Empty the Warrens and Grapeshot were banned. Invigorate card was used only in Infect decks allowing them to get free +4/+4. As far as I have observed Infect deck without this card is dead deck. In last 7 Dailies there were only 2 Infect decks. Both of them doing 3-1. So, share of meta is exiguous. The Storm is dead too. How to win without a wincon? Cloudpost, MonoU Delver, Stompy, Affinity are definitely dominating. 

Here Bloodbraid Elf and Seething Song were banned. Jund evolved. Bloodbraid Elf was replaced with Putrid Leech / Bloodhall Ooze / Kitchen Finks. Jund is not as popular as it was before, but we can't deny Jund is still Jund. The deck is almost as powerful as it was before the bans  Storm, which used Seething Song, didn't survive. Modern meta was always diversified and still is. No noticable trend here. I’m much less happy about the overall lack of stability in Modern, since stability is really what it needed to keep the format healthy.

For us botters, it is important to know which cards are heavily played. Thus, we are able to maximize our profits or at least better manage our stock. For instance, a card which is used in few decks and is heavily played we can set lower margin. In most cases, bigger turnover means bigger profits. In order to have big turnover you need a little bit lower prices than your competition. Contrary to card used only in just one tier2 deck. Such card will stay in our collection for some time until we sell it. You set higher margin here. It is your premium for risk, that this card will drop on value before you manage to sell it.

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