Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to remove untradable cards from collection?

I did have some untradable stuff in my collection. Either cards or Avatars which cannot be moved elsewhere what made my collection less lucid. It drove me crazy and my anger was all the time accumulating and accumulating.

However, one day it reached the peak and I exploded like a balloon with too much air inside.

Wholeheartedly, I wanted to get rid of it somehow and the only way that came up to my mind was contacting with WotC customer service. I wrote what was on my mind and to my surprise I received an answer just to send them the billing adress, what was a some kind of verification if it is really me who wrote this message, and they would remove untradable cards from my collection. I did what they asked me to and within 2-3 days untradable cards disappeared. I hope some of you may find this article useful.

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  1. It was very nice to get rid of all my New Player Tickets, Avatars, Gold Boarder and War Marks removed from all my accounts. Bots and Personal