Saturday, February 2, 2013

What will come next

I want to share with you some plans regarding and what we will see in the future.

Regarding the functionalities of the website, next week we will release the Collection History log. We redesigned it and included much more data. Towards the end of the next week we will also enhance it charts and graphs to "visually" understand  the evolution of the collection over time.

Then we will re-introduce the Card Log. The Card Log will not just show the trades regarding *that* particular card, but also an analytics of the price: you bought *this* for *x*, sold it for *y* and so on...

We will redesign the Buddy Log too. Following the philosophy of the Card Log, the new Buddy Log will contains analytics computed on the specific buddy: how many trade he/she did, how many cards, tixs involved and so on...

Last but not the least, some other little functions such as the export of the Trade Log in Csv (thanks Markus) and an overall speed-up of the Trade Log itself, currently too slow.

A quick note on the bot for v4 too. The development is almost complete, we are currently testing it on our private accounts. I have to say Mtgo v4 has a lot of bug and it is very slow, but the bot already does a great job taking care of all these caps.


  1. great job,waiting for this very long time.

  2. I'm quite impressed with the development of mtgolibrary bots and website lately. A lot of effort is being put into them. Very pleased.

  3. I have a quick feature request (or maybe the bot does this already and I don't know about it):

    I'd love for the bot to be able to build sets specifically for redemption. For example, in the "Buyer" tab, tell it that you want to collect X number of M13 redemption sets, and it will buy the cards to complete a set but not allow them to be sold.

    I don't personally plan on using this right now, but I feel like this is an ideal feature to help cash out sets and help the general MTGO economy. If the collection and redemption of complete sets were made easier and more automatic, perhaps we would see a little less price deflation as a set becomes heavily drafted.

    1. One way that you could do this currently is to purchase an extra MTGO account and run a bot on it for collecting redemption sets. MTGO accounts are relatively cheap and since the bot won't actually be trading you won't pay to use it. Then set up auto transfers with your buying bots such that X number of redemption sets will be transferred to your redemption bot.

      The most costly part of this setup is the computing power to run a bot that doesn't do anything other than store cards. If this is an issue you could set up the bot and auto transfers, and just run the bot every X days or whenever you have some down time and will be around to do an auto transfer.

      If you don't have the computing resources to run an extra bot even for short periods of time, and you don't have another bot you would be willing to shut down while running the ''redemption bot'' I would still suggest an extra MTGO account for storing the redemption sets and just transfer the cards you want for redemption to the account manually. This is a bit of a hassle but it goes faster than one would think, especially once you have all the ''bulk'' cards. Just remember to set ''owned < X'' while in trade where X is the number of redemption sets you want. That way only the cards you still need will show up so it's just a matter of adding cards to the trade as fast as you can until you reach the 75 card limit for the trade.

      I hope this was helpfull and happy botting!

    2. It is, and I've thought about doing this to build collections. I'd just point out that its not obvious and perhaps people would be more inclined to use the software to collect sets if it were more of a feature and selling point.

      Thanks for the response