Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bot Pricing v4 - Personal Percentages - Bot manual

In this section we will explain what PersoanlPercentages.txt is and how to set it up on your bot. This can help you define the exact margin you would like to have on your bot.

What is PersoanlPercentages?
PersoanlPercentages is a text file located in your Prices folder that applies a percent adjustment to the cardsmtgo.txt file per card, rarity, or  set. The cardsmtgo.txt is the price file Mtgolibrary offers to keep your pricing up to date.

How does it work?
You can adjust any card or set by a percent (-,+) to customize your Cardsmtgo.txt file.  We will give you some examples.

Cardsmtgo file is as follows:

43291#43292#083#0070#DKA#M#Mikaeus, the Unhallowed#9.960#15.930#6.670#10.670
Mtgo Card number#Mtgo Card number foil#Set number#card number#Set#Rarity#Card name#Sell Price#Foil sell price#Buy price#Foil buy price#

This is the file we are going to manipulate with PersonalPercentages.txt

You will list card as follows:

DKA;Mikaeus, the Unhallowed;-5%;-1%;+10%'+10%
Set;Card name;Sell price adjustment;Foil sell price adjustment;Buy price adjustment;Foil buy price adjustment

if you adjusted Mikaeus from above cardsmtgo file and the above PersonalPercentages file our end price would be:

Sell Price;Foil sell price;Buy price;Foil buy price#

You can also do sets buy rarity, for example.

This will adjust all mythic in the set Return to Ravnica by 10%.
This would adjust all Uncommons in the set Return to Ravnica by 10%.

Note: If you have made a percentage adjustment on the corrections tab that will be summed first then the PersonalPercantages will be summed on the result of that correction.

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