Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Control Panel v4 - Shared collection - Bot manual

Sharing collection also know as Shared inventory is a feature that lets you combine purchasing power from all your bots into each individual bot. Each group will sum up their buy quantity for each card and allow a single bot in that group purchase up to that many. This is a great feature for bots owners that have multiple bots and want to limit the amount of a certain card purchased. You can find this feature on the online control panel Here.

Step 1: Group your bots that you want to share collection.

The grouping of the bots is really easy just slide the bots over into a new group you wish to have share inventory.  You will then have to set the quantity that you wish the group to purchase. 

Step 2: Define the quantity of each card you wish to purchase. 

This can be done by the use of the collection tab or can be taken a step further and be defined by PersonalPrices.

Here we will setup the quantity by using the collection tab.
In this example bot1, bot2, and bot3 are all grouped in a shared inventory. We set how many mythics, rare, unccommons, and commons each bot will buy. If all these bots had no KTK cards on them then each the chain would only buy a total of:

8 mythics
8 rares
4 uncommons
4 commons

Even though bot 3 has it set to buy 0 Mythics it will buy up to 8 depending on how many bot 1,2, and 3 already have.

Here we will set up the quantity by using PersonalPrices:

Bot 1: JOU;Ajani, Mentor of Heroes;12.215;21.4500;11.722;11.5700;2;1
Bot 2: JOU;Ajani, Mentor of Heroes;12.215;21.4500;11.722;11.5700;1;0
Bot 3: JOU;Ajani, Mentor of Heroes;12.215;21.4500;11.722;11.5700;1;0

In this example Your shared inventory chain would buy a total of 4 Ajani, Mentor of Heroes regular and 1 foil.

In summary: 
Any bot in a grouped shared inventory will buy up to the total sum of each bots buying quantity in the group.

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