Thursday, December 18, 2014

Control Panel v4 - Profits - Bot Manual

The Profit tool computes the profit lower bound in a given timeframe. The tool considers each card bought and then sold, and computes the 'profit' as difference between the selling and the buying values. The tool offers three matching strategies: 

    - matching the recent sell with recent bought (LIFO) 
    - matching the oldest with the oldest (FIFO) 
    - computing the average of the prices.

Computing the profit in three sligthly different ways resolves a problem of the moving market. If you bought a card for 10 tixs, and then another one for 100, and then you sold it for 110, what is your profit, is it 100 or 10 tixs? By offering three matching strategies the tool always gives you a plausible result (even in the above 'difficult' example). 

Please note that cards without a match are not considered as profit, thus some cards cards could not appear.

Here is an example of Elspeth, Sun's Champion. 

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