Monday, December 1, 2014

Control Panel v4 - Personal Price List - Bot Manual

 In this section you will find the ability to update your prices on the fly and query your collection from any web browser.

A: Upload a new personal price list:

 Prepare a price file on your computer and upload it to one, or all of your bots quickly and easily.

 Once you prepare your pricing file, locate it on your computer and deliver to one or all of your bots. 
Please note that the price file must be in a specific format. (See Below) 

This is a sample of a price file. Each row is semi-colon separated and consists of a card name, its set, and the prices and quantities you want to use for it.

Here’s a closer look at a row.

A: Set
B: Card Name
C: Regular Sell Price
D: Foil Sell Price
E: Regular Buy Price
F: Foil Buy Price
G: Max Regular Buy Quantity
            H: Max Foil Buy Quantity  

B: Create a personal price list:

Instead of creating a price file on your computer for upload, you can also fill out this form to accomplish the same goal.

            A: Card row containing the card name, buy/sell price for regular and foils and also the desired quantities.

            B: Add Card Price: This button will create a new blank row. Note that the card name auto-populates as you type with all the cards available on Magic Online.

           C: Save Draft: Didn’t finish filling in all the information you wanted? You can save your copy and return to it later or tomorrow. The browser does not require to remain open. You can also navigate to this page on another computer to continue working on your prices.

            D: Deliver Price List: When you’re done and ready, this button will deliver your prices to the bot(s) that you have checked above.

            E: Reset Draft: Clears all fields, removes all rows.

            F: Del: Delete this row. This cannot be undone.

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