Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Control Panel v4 - Credits - Bot Manual

On the Credits page you can view, add , or delete a customers credit, you can view this page Here. These credits can also be shared between all your bots or certain bot chains in the "sharing credits" feature. 

 Section A:  “Buddy Name” - Locate a specific buddy name to view their credit. “Having credit” – Filter to show customers that have credit > or < a specific value.
Section B: New Credit button – Use this to give credits to a specific customer if they do not have any.
Section C: “View Trades” – This is a link which will bring you to the trade logs and show you all trades done with this buddy.
Section D “Edit” – You can modify credits of a customer using this link. **

** Warning:  Removal of customer’s credit is frowned upon and is against terms of service of WOTC.

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