Sunday, December 7, 2014

Control Panel v4 - Over Protection Rules - Bot manual

In this section we will go over the Over Protection Rules. These rules can  help protect you from speculators, cherry pickers, and vast market fluctuations by increasing or decreasing your buy and sell price when a large quantity a particular card is bought or sold to your bots. You have variety of options in this sections, we will go over them step by step. You can visit this page Here.
First step is to choose what you want to apply the rule to: you can apply this rule to any of the following rarities listed on the Right.  Keep in mind you can create multiple rules for different rarities. 

Next you need to specify after how many cards are bought or sold the rule will trigger.

Next you will choose whether this rule will only trigger if 4 or more are bought/sold on your chain or all of your bots. 

 Next you will choose the action to take; You can have the bot cancel trade or increase or decrease the price If the quantity has been reached.
 Here you will choose if this rule will increase, decrease, or cancel trade on your chain, single bot, or all your bots. 
The rule will be base on cards bought/sold to  a specific customer or based on cards bought/sold from all customers. 
The Over Selling protection example above would: Refuse trade for a specific customer that bought more than 4 of a Particular mythic from your chain and would cancel trade if they tried to buy  that mythic on any of your bots. 

**NOTE** These rules are only good for a 24 hour period. 

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