Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Battle Lands is the name that stuck

Hi Everyone,
Of all the names for a cycle of lands (look for a enemy set in the next set, maybe) the name that seems to have stuck is "Battle lands". I get it that they are from Battle for Zendikar and other names were awful, one popular name was "Tango lands" because it takes two basics to tango, get it? It was clever but lost appeal quickly for me.

I just wish there was a better name for the lands. I'm not saying Battle lands is bad, it's just not creative. It just reminds me of  the foil Tarmogoyf from Modern Masters 2 GP top 8 in Las Vegas when a drafter had a solid red deck and in pack 3 opened a Foil Tarmogoyf and picked it over a burn spell that would have fit perfectly into the deck. Everyone called the incident "'goyfgate". I know a 'goyf is short for Tarmogoyf but I find it impossible to be less creative than calling the incident "goyfgate", the clear and obvious winner (as pointed out by Randy Buehler in a Vintage Super League broadcast) is "Tarmogate". Maybe I'm wrong but that has a way better ring to it than "'goyfgate"

I suppose these lands haven't ever been done (or anything like them) so they end up with a generic name.

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