Thursday, November 12, 2015

Spike Protection Tool

Have you ever been in this situation: a card spikes in price, and your bot buys at the new high price just as the card drops back down? You end up losing money because your bot's been tricked by a temporary spike in value.
Spikes are quite common on MTGO and we know that they pose a big risk for botters.

To protect our customers, we are introducing the new “Spike Tool”.

The Spike Tool uses a heuristic to spot sudden increases in price on cards valued over .5 tix. When a card spikes in price, the bot will keep the buy price at the lower pre-spike price.
A similar safety net will be applied if a card spikes DOWN in price. The bot will keep the sell price at the higher pre-spike price.

The Spike Tool will be automatically activated on all bots starting today. We've initialized the tool with some light parameters. We recommend that you keep it active for the next few days and adjust it as needed.

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