Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mtgolibrary Bot 10.56 - one full day with Spike Protection

Yesterday we released the Spike Protection Since that we have been monitoring the bots and the trades closely and we have to say we are pretty happy with the results so far. The Spike Protection resulted in a smaller number of  bad trades (think "Profit Log") and neat larger profits on almost all the bot chains.

We noticed two things though:
- spike protections triggered a bit too much, resulting in some false positives
- card rotation was slower

The two effects were largely attended. ML Bot 10.56 slightly soften the protection in order to have less false positive and faster card rotation.

We recommend to experiment a bit with Spike Protection but to allow AT LEAST 2 days keeping the same settings before saying "it's good / not good". This is because the mtgo market has ups and downs depending on the day of week and for sure on Friday you will do less trades than Sunday - regardless of your Spike Protection settings.


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