Monday, November 9, 2015

The one that flew just under the radar....

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone saw the Grand Prix in Seattle last weekend. It was in the Legacy format.

One of my favorite things about Legacy is that it has super powerful cards but nothing too broken like Vintage.

It's kind of like what Modern would be if the non-combo decks could compete with the combo decks. It's one of my favorite formats.

Anyway, at the GP the winning deck was Lands!!!! Yes, Land! It sets up a loop of Thespian's Stage Life from the Loam and Dark Depths to make a 20/20 flying indestructible token every turn.

Everyone talks about Modern more than Legacy about how one of the most powerful decks that's super easy to hate out is Affinity. I'm only mentioning this because I find myself shouting at my screen to play Stony Silence in Modern when people play affinity.

Last weekend I was shouting for people to play blood moon, or back to basics to a lesser extent. Some would say that Blood Moon isn't really a Legacy card but the point is this, it trumps the land deck all the time, every time (barring removing the enchantment).

I watched numerous players practice for the GP on Twitch and found that many actually had Blood Moon in their sideboard at one point.

What happened at the GP then? My guess is that since everything got shaken up and the consensus (consensus is overrated, I can write about consensuses another time) was that Miracles was the best deck and players seem to have overlooked Land.

Just my quick analysis of what may have happened at the GP.

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