Friday, November 20, 2015

They should change the deck name to Karn

Hi everyone,
Contrary to what the image above shows, I'm not talking about Karn specifically. In fact, all I know is that Urza (probably) or maybe Mishra built him way back in Urza Block but somehow later went and created Mirrodin. I'm not even sure that's  right. In fact, I'd bet against me being right on all that.

Karn is an important card in Tron decks in Modern. I'm not a fan of Modern. That said, I have been playing Modern a lot lately because I finally shelled out the cash for a playset of Grove of the Burnwillows (read Dans series on RG Tron if you want a great explanation of why Grove is essential when there are other land options).

I always felt like Tron was a deck that just mindlessly played big spells. There's no finess or skill, just big spells. I also always felt hopeless playing against tron with a non-tron deck. In my playing two things surprised me greatly.

The first surprise was that the amount of hopelessness my opponent felt does not equal the amount of hope I felt. I was surprised when I played literally one spell in the game (granted it was Karn or Ugin somewhere on turn 4 or 5) and my opponent would scoop. Sometimes they even had enough power on the board to kill my planeswalker. It was crazy. I thought it would make me feel unstoppable but there were plenty of reasonable things (that my opponent never seemed to have) that I could lose to.

The other assumption I made before playing the deck was that to play Tron the object is get tron as fast as possible and play big spells, like some kind of unintelligent brute. I will tell you, It did not dissappoint. Aside from minimal occassional thinking Tron played its self. Plan A is play planeswalkers and giant creatures. plan B is use Eye of Ugin and land searchers to find Emrakul and enough mana to cast him.

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