Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pauper Gauntlet S03R01 Week One

The Pauper Gauntlet has started!

All about the Pauper Gauntlet Season 03:
All the deck lists:

The first week of round one

If you read further than this, you will get results spoiled. That is probably why you are here, though.

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Ok, lets get into details.

The Green One opened round one against Orzhov Soldiers, defeating them 2-1.
Mono Red Heroic, another top 10 deck from last year, got a third turn kill and won the match against BUG Control 2-1.
Slivers just ran over Grixis Delver 2-0.
Living End lost against Domain Landfall 1-2 and now have to face elimination in round two.
Rakdos Vampires, the people's choice from the Pauper Rogue Cup, lost against RG Landfall 1-2.

Mono Red Land Destruction lost again Hexproof 0-2.
Izzet Cooldotha defeated Esper Trinket 2-0 and move directly to round three.
Pestilence Control faced the unlikely mirror but won 2-0.
Cheaty Morph lost against Dimir Control 0-2.
Selesnya Flash won against an Affinity quitter 2-0

Kuldotha Mardu showed itself as a true contender, crushing Mono Green Tron 2-0
Death Control ate the WW Tokens 2-0
Encroaching Blight totally crushed JeskaiKitty 2-0 impressing me greatly.
MUC got a bye from a quitter 2-0
Eggs took on RWB Kuldotha and lost 1-2.
RUG Tron faced the White Metalcraft deck and won 2-1

Gary Busey got drunk and abused some Selesnya Lifegain deck 2-0.
UG Madness defeated DelverFiend 2-1.
Bant Fog managed to defeat Naya Blue 2-0 despite me making 30+ mistakes to Pierakor's great dismay.
UB Justice Control lost against MBC 1-2 somehow.
Sultai Delve got flinged to death twice by Affinity 0-2.

A Mono Blue Tron deck was overwhelmed by Flying Ninjas and fled the field.
Mono Black Land Destruction could not take away the resources of Hexproof and lost 0-2.
Affinity crushed some Thallids on the way to the factory 2-0
Dragon Delve got crushed by Turbo Angler 0-2.
Goblins ran over a burn deck so fast that it was scary 2-0
Black Auramancer, the winner of the Pauper Rogue Cup, defeated Mono Green 2-0

25 matches played. 16 wins. 9 losses. 43 matches to go until we are done with round one.

Round one will probably take 3-4 weeks to complete. As the winners do not play in round two, the second round will be significantly faster.

What happens to the decks that lost?
Round one and round two are double elimination so round two will have the losers play yet another match in the JFF room. If the decks win they move to round three (which will be tougher!) where they will join the winners of round one.

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  1. I can't wait to see how suicide black does!!
    Let's hope for some explosive dark rituals!!