Friday, November 20, 2015

When I believe in Magic

Hi Everyone,
I'm not a fan of Standard but I am a fan of all the eternal formats. I remember playing Magic in Junior   High when there were two kinds of deck, control and decks that lose to control. Wizards kept Magic fresh and pushed the envelope (for the time) and kept people interesting. There were mistakes that could have been avoided. Magic managed to survive and grew to be the phenomenon it is today.

Why have other card games not seen the same success? I think some of it had to do with Magic being the first of it's kind. It is the first collectible card game. Don't get me wrong, Magic is the best game ever, but what kept it alive during Combo Winter (Urza Block Standard) and the dominance of Ravager Affinity in Mirrodin Standard and even the awful Kamigawa Standard that followed.

I also think the times Magic was worst (excluding Kamigawa) Magic still had one thing. I've talked about it before and I think it's so big that it can't be overlooked here. It's that Magic always explores and area of fantasy that hasn't been beaten into the ground already. I just wanted to talk about the best game ever for a little even though it's had some rough spots along the road.

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