Sunday, December 13, 2015

Basic land Wastes - confirmed

Some of you might have read my article about sixth land type lately. It is oficially confirmed by Wizards now. So, few words what Wastes is:

Basic Land
T: Add C to your mana pool.

The symbol C will be written as C, what states for colorless mana. There is significant difference between generic mana  and colorless mana C.  To cast a spell with a cost  you may spend any colored mana, including C. Wheras cost  can only be paid by C, which is produced by Wastes basic lands. However, there is another way to obtain some C mana. From now on, cards that previously generated generic mana will produce C. Cards will have their oracle text updated and for instance Grim Monolith produces CCC.

The Wastes lands will appear in boosters more frequently than commons, but they will not be available in land stations at drafts. So, you must draft it to be able to include these lands into your deck.

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