Sunday, December 6, 2015

Check out this Mythic li...I mean deck list

Jace, Vryn's ProdigyHi Everyone,
Is it just me or does the current standard environment look a lot like a list of the Mythics in the format rather than their initial "intent".

Wizards announced Mythics to be cards that felt huge, for lack of a better term, mythic. At the beginning they did ok but it seems that of late, they are just the best tournament cards.

You can argue with me but you'd be wrong.

I know what everyone's thinking, but what's the motivation for that?

Well, getting playsets of every Mythic from a set requires more packs than to open a playset of every rare in a set.

While Magic is a great game, It makes me really annoyed that Wizards constantly tries to sell their obvious business decisions as "better for the game because X" and it's getting really tired. I think it's pretty bad because if I go to Whole Foods, they'll tell me who is their target market and what they're doing to attract that market or sell more to that market. Wizards blatantly lies to us. I don't like that.

On another unrelated note, It really annoys me that many MTG fans (the fans don't annoy me, WOTC annoys me) think MaRo is just "a big nerd who loves Magic and loves talking about Magic". Now, maybe that's true, but he's not their "ambassador" to the players because HE loves it, it's because Wizards knows the players find him credible. What I'm saying is that MaRo is an advertising puppet for WOTC and I wouldn't assign y more credibility to him than any other paid endorsement.

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