Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wizards 2016 tournament coverage

Hi Everyone,
Wizards says they are making changes to their tournament coverage for the upcoming year. The changes basically say there will only be one single broadcast that covers the entire weekend. This sounds great because I like watching the formats I like. Sometimes there are two GPs that are different formats and the format I don't like is being broadcast.

I think the real reason they are doing this is to have a more coherent way to broadcast their tournaments. It's difficult to have to find out where the tournament they want to see is showing. The benefit for Wizards is they can show various formats and try to get me interested in them while they have me as a captive audience waiting for the format I actually like. It sounds like it's not going to work because it's going to be too much time away from what people tuned in for and will likely end up watching something else if the content doesn't keep their interest.

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