Sunday, December 13, 2015

Modern Pro Tour

Hi Everyone!

Now that there have been confirmations of spoilers from Oath of the Gatewatch, it's time for us all to turn our attention to the new set....Oh wait, only a little?

The next Pro Tour is going to be Modern format. I do think that the format is in a place that's better than the past, but I have some concerns anyway.

My big concern is that Wizards quietly tried to do away with the Modern Pro Tour last year and only added it back in because players complained.

The complaint was "no support for the format". Well, Wizards has even said they don't want R & D to spend a lot of time on Modern because more attention needs to be paid if the format is played at the Pro Tour.

So what is to become of our beloved (I personally don't like the format because it's missing some of the key elements that make other eternal formats good but it does have many good features including no cards on the restricted list) Modern format?

I'm worried it will become a format that isn't supported with competitive play and will ultimately spiral out of control to where there is only one or two playable decks. This will cause players to lose interest in the format and cause it to die.

Let's hope Wizards keeps up the support and the format doesn't die. Maybe they could even do the first or second half of the current constructed portions of the Pro Tour in Modern so it won't be the centerpiece for the tournament but will be part of every pro tour.

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