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Pauper Gauntlet S03R01 Week Two

The Pauper Gauntlet has started!

Learn what happened in week one:
All about the Pauper Gauntlet Season 03:
All the deck lists:

The second week of round one

If you read further than this, you will get results spoiled. That is probably why you are here, though.

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 Ok, lets get into details.

Simic Oracle defeated Tortured Abzan 2-1 and made it to round 3.
Mono Black Control took on its nemesis RUG Tron and got outvalued 0-2, forcing this tier 1 deck to play in round 2 and face the risk of early elimination!
Delver took on Freed from the Reel Combo and won 2-0
White Heroes ran into the unlikely mirror match (what are the odds?) and won 2-1
Top 10 S02 deck Rebel Grind faced off against MBC but lost 1-2

Cyborgs (White Weenie Metalcraft) took on Domain and won 2-1
Crowd favorite 5-color Green took on Goblins and bounced Lone Missionaries all day for a 2-0 victory.
Top 10 S02 deck Familiars lost to Elves 0-2
The confusingly named deck The Pauper Gauntlet took on Golgari Delve and won 2-1
Creature swarm deck Blue Bichinho faced UB Control and won 2-0

Pauper Gauntlet S02 winner Stompy took on RUG Tron and won 2-1
Power_Ts Pig Trinket faced an interesting RG Eldrazi ramp deck and won easily 2-0
Glass Cannon Red proved unreliable and lost to White Weenie 1-2
Pauper Gauntlet S02 runner-up Burn took on Turbo Angler and was crushed 0-2
Tortured Madness faced Faeries (not Delver .... Faeries!) and lost hard 0-2

Everyone's darling Green Grifters faced top tier Angler Delver and somehow won 2-1. This is a behaviour we have seen before from Green Grifters. Surely that was what made everyone vote it in this year.
Top 10 S02 deck Bugs & Pigs took on Grixis Control and won 2-1
Suicide Black, cheered on by many, faced Pestilence and won 2-1 to the crowd's delight
RB Control Deck Pauper Nightmare took on DelverFiend and won 2-1. Removal is good.
UB Trinket Control, the deck that started it all, faced Bant Blink and won easily 2-0

RG Land Crusher also faced Bant Blink and made the elaborate deck unable to play its spells 2-0
Abzan Grindhouse played the grindiest match so far in the Gauntlet, winning with 15 seconds left against Dimir Control, timing him out.

22 more matches played. 18 wins. 6 losses. 31 matches to go until we are done with round one.

With the 16-9 result from week one the current result stands at 34-15.

The 15 decks that so far are facing elimination in round 02 of the Pauper Gauntlet season three are: Familiar, MBC, Rebel Grind, Glass Cannon Red, Burn, Tortured Madness, Living End, Rakdos Vampires, Mono Red Land Destruction, Cheaty Morph, Eggs, UB Justice Control, Mono Black Land Destruction, Dragon Delve and Sultai Delve

Yes, that is three Top 10 decks from last season plus a tier 1 deck (MBC) at the risk of early elimination. Last year only three decks were eliminated in round 02.

The goal is to win with all these decks in round 02 and have all 78 decks see the first tournament practice round in round 03.

Round one will end right before we record the MagicGatheringStrat podcast on December 15th. Round two will end on December 22nd. As the winners do not play in round two, the second round will be significantly faster. Round three will go on over the holidays..

What happens to the decks that lost?
Round one and round two are double elimination so round two will have the losers play yet another match in the JFF room. If the decks win they move to round three (which will be tougher!) where they will join the winners of round one.

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