Sunday, December 6, 2015

Spectral Chaos - unreleased old Magic set

Barry Reich is a friend of Richard Garfield, and one of the first people who playtested Magic.
He designed Spectral Chaos set shortly after the release of Alpha, which included mutli-colored mechanics such as domain and a sixth basic land type (colorless), known as “Barry’s land”. Spectral Chaos never saw the light of day, but it was the inspiration for Invasion. Find out what Barry had in mind. How would have Spectral Chaos impacted the course of Magic history? How would Vintage format look like now?

- each color has its own Dark Ritual in allied-color, for instance G: add WWW
- 0 Instant: "Add R to your mana pool for each tapped island you control. Add U to your mana pool for each tapped mountain you control."
- 1RW Enchantment: When Solar Flare enters the battlefield, each other player draws ten card and you draw eleven cards. Each player's maximum hand size is increased by three.

Take a look here for more! Over 400 cards, some looks normal, some overpowered like these above. It is definitely worth checking it out. It is our history.

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