Sunday, December 13, 2015

Stoneforge Mystic Unbanned?

Hi Everyone!

Since Wizards announced their new Grand Prix Promo for the upcoming year there's been some speculation that it may be unbanned in Modern. The price shot up from $2 to about $5 in a day or two last week.

Is this going to happen? Maybe. When we look at the infinite combos that happen on turn four Stoneforge Mystic isn't that powerful. Can Stoneforge get anything that will win the game on turn 4? Nope.

I think the banning was a show of fear, just like Bitterblossom and Wild Nacatl that they were overpowered in standard and they don't want Modern being ruined by these cards.

I think Stoneforge would be good and get played in any deck with white in Modern that's not a combo deck, but does that make it too good? No way considering that today there are only a few ways to stop the Twin combo if the opponent plays first.

I'd advocate for stoneforge to come back and I think it would make an impact enough that fair decks would see play and be competitive against a lot of the powerful combo decks.

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