Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dredge in Modern

Dredge has steadily gained in popularity since the unbanning of Golgari Grave-Troll. Additionally, a release of card Prized Amalgam turned Dredge from tier2 deck into competetive one. What is more, it is seen quite regulary in top8 of big tournaments lately. Let's look deeper what stands behind its successes.

The strategy of this deck is simple. You put cards with dredge ability into a graveyard and dredge them back to fill the graveyard with as many other cards from your library as it is possible. In meantime you utilize the synergies between cards. When you dredge Narcomoeba into the graveyard it is put into battlefield. This triggers all copies of Prized Amalgam to return on the next end step. If you play a land, all your Bloodghasts will return from your graverad, which also triggers Prized Amalgam. The final piece to the puzzle is Greater Gargadon and Bridge from Below. This combination allows the deck to make dozens of Zombie Tokens in a single turn, even off just one Bridge from Below, since the deck has so many expendable creatures to sacrifice that come right back.

As far as, we know how it works we may tell how to defend against it. This deck is vunerable to graveyard hate. Likewise in Vintage format, those who don't have room for graveyard hate cards are properly punished by Dredge deck whenever they are paired with it during the tournament. Players have to adapt their sideboard to the new enviroment, because Dredge is on a wave now and I expect more and more Dredge decks soon. More graveyard hate around means worse times for decks like Living End and Goryo's Vengeance.

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