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Modern Budget Replacements: Fetchlands

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Fetchlands were long the big money gate for the Modern format. After the KTK reprint of the allied fetchlands, this currently mainly applies to the enemy fetchlands, namely Scalding Tarn, Arid Mesa, Marsh Flats, Verdant Catacombs and Misty Rainforest.

It would seem the replacing dual lands with other dual lands should not be a big problem, but it is.

The first alternative is naturally to try to use the allied fetchlands instead of the enemy ones. That does work to an extent. Always consider this as your first alternative.

The Innistrad checklands work with shocklands to a small extent (shocklands have basic land types). Some of them have even seen play in Modern.

As I am writing this one Abzan Rites deck used Woodland Cemetery in one 5-0 League on MTGO. That is not a very good grade.

How about using shocklands? Well, they are played a lot in the Modern format but they are naturally limited in number and you really don't want to hurt yourself too much. It is the fetchlands that make shocklands so good.

What about the painlands? With the recent reprints of the enemy painlands they seem to be a natural fit here.

Five 5-0 Modern decks on MTGO have used Llanowar Wastes. That is an improvement over the checklands. Forget about symmetry with shocklands though.

If you are playing a creature heavy deck, Ancient Ziggurat can be an improvement even over fetchlands.

This card saw play in two 5-color aggro decks. I assume they were zoo-like builds.

If your deck is Dredge or something else really aggressive and have 4 or 5 colors I would consider Mana Confluence over City of Brass as it is slightly better in marginal cases.

This card saw play in nine 5-0 decks on MTGO recently. Seven of them were Dredge decks and two were the 5-color aggro decks I talked about above.

Given the strength of manlands, the recently printed set of enemy manlands could be a replacement for the enemy fetchlands - at least they look strong enough to me.

So far, they are seeing zero play in tournament Modern. 

There are other duals lands. Are they serious possibilities here? If you can think of any other card as a budget replacement for fetchlands, please tell me in the comments below.  If there is any other card you want me to suggest budget replacements for, please let me know.

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