Sunday, August 14, 2016

Was Collected Company a mistake?

At Grand Prix Rimini 31,8% of the Day Two decks were Bant Company. When a deck reaches that level of dominance in eternal formats everyone is outraged and cards will get banned. Imagine a Modern meta with a 31,8% deck it. Not a very fun meta.  At the time of this writing Jund is on top of the Modern MTGO Meta with 10,32%. That is quite a far way away from 31,8%. In Pauper, Izzet Drake is tearing up the meta with 18,18% (with another 8,6% for Drake Tron) and people are crying out for bans.

I am fairly certain a lot of Standard players will breathe a sigh of relief when Collected Company rotates out of Standard.

I realize that Wizards need to push certain cards and that is what they did here. I just get the feeling that they could have predicted that this card would be too strong for Standard.

The big question is probably what will happen when it does rotate.

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