Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Modern League with Naya Burn part 2

Last week I started my very first league with a solid 2-0 result taking down Hate Bears and Affinity. You can check it out here:

This week I played another two matches.

The first was against Abzan CoCo.

I don't feel this is a super good matchup for burn. I did get an interesting comment I wanted to share with you here in the everlasting discussion about playing Wild Nacatl or not in Naya Burn.

Taylor said: "Great job!! I'm starting to see through your games (and my own small play testing) that Nacatyl might not deserve a place in the current meta, so thank you for letting me see how a Nacatyl-less build plays out. "

Match #4 was against Bant Eldrazi. Here is where my inexperience got the best of me. I had not even seen this deck before and I was unsure of what to do against it.

Next week I will share the last match with you. Overall the experience of playing a Constructed League for the first time has been a good one. There will be more.

Here is my deck list:

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