Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advantages of a bot owner, "the casual player" Part 1 of 2

This week I will be guiding you through the advantages of being a bot owner. Starting with the one I use the most, since I play more as a casual player than a professional.

As most casual players, I spend a big part of my time in MTGO tuning, testing and building new decks, trying to bring them a step closer to perfection. Today I will be giving you some tips on how to do it the cheapest way possible.

Having a bot will instantly give you a huge saving when building a new deck since you might have most of  the cards in stock which you've bought under the market's sell price, but sometimes your bot wont have all the cards you need. I will show you how you can use your bot to get them for you, cheaper than buying off another bots and in some cases ending up with profit.

Step 1: Do not buy it

Sometimes we buy cards and after play-testing realize that they just don't work. Buying to test can be avoided and the best way to do it is to test them first on paper with proxies, do some research online by comparing your deck to similar decks or discussing it in forums .

Step 2:  Personal Prices
This is a basic way to just get a card cheaper, this week i needed 4 Sword of War and Peace, instead of buying a playset at 4x 20.5-21.5 at the cheapest bots I took advantage of the higher current buying prices of 17-18.5 Event tickets. Setting my buy price at 19.25 resulted in buying 4 Sword of War and Peace at a total of 77 within 24 hours, instead of 82-86, saving me at least 5 Event Tickets.
Not everyone uses Wikiprice, so if you need a card fast and you're buying it for more than every other bot, you need to advertise it. Players will sell it to you after a quick search if they know you're the highest buyer.

Step 3: Classifieds/Trading Room Message

To make sure I was advertising the card, I could manually type Sword of War and Peace |19.25| between my advertised buying prices. Instead I wrote: #buy_NPH_>19#   this way the bot would always advertise it until having the 4 I needed and then stop, since that was the only NPH card i was buying for over 19 tickets. Another method to do this is using the CardsForAdvertisement.txt in your bot folder.

Buying like this will also make sure you wont have a loss after you sell them for the cheapest market price ( currently at 20.5) giving you some profit while having fun playing casually.

Soon I will talk about the advantages of owning a bot as a drafter.

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