Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Last time we discussed some of the administrator commands found in MTGO, which are accessed by an administer user entering those commands when prompted when in a trade with the bot in question. Today, we're going to discuss the rest of the commands:

upscreen = takes a screenshot and uploads it

Again, another self-explanatory command. Why would you desire this command? This is more for showing specifically what is going wrong. From a programmer's perspective, things that are not working need to be spelled out. For instance, if you tell a mechanic that your car “makes a funny noise”, it is not very helpful. But if you say that the engine makes this specific sound and these are the other things I've noticed, then the mechanic has a place to start looking. In the same manner, a screenshot helps us find out the error, and fix the bot in a future update.

at = auto transfer

This is useful when you simply want to transfer a bunch of cards from one account to another, with no conditions attached. For example:

Let's say you win an auction on Ebay and the seller gives you the account for two weeks to clear out the 15,000 cards. You can do this manually but it is an annoying thing to do. However, if you give this mule account temporary administrator rights, you can enter trade with your bot, and enter the at command, and a minute later, 75 cards will be in queue for transfer. Yes, you will still have to confirm and such, but you certainly can watch television and not worry about clicking the mouse button thousands of times while transferring cards.

fee = prompts the total renting fee

This can be helpful depending on what method you use to lease the bot. One thing to remember is that one does not need to be be logged into MTGO to get this information if one is on vacation: you can simply enter the Control Panel and not only get that fee, but also make a payment, be it with Paypal cash or MTGO tickets. The choice is yours.

That concludes this series of little-known bot features, and the mini-mini-series of controlling your bot while on vacation. I look forward to that.

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