Sunday, December 4, 2011

Price drop

Some of you may wonder why prices dropped so drastically last days. Well, two factors caused it. Firstly, Inistrad set is not available to redeem anymore. INI is temporary out of stock and there is no estimated time of arrival. Err..but what is redemption? Magic Online includes an innovative feature that allows players who have collected a complete set of digital cards to redeem it for a complete set of physical cards. To redeem a set, you must have at least one of every card from the set you are trying to redeem in your collection and you can turn your virtual card staples into the paper ones. All cards must be regular(foil) to redeem a regular(foil) set. Only full sets can be redeemed. I would like to point out that majorly redemption accelerate the growth of prices, especially mythics. Consequently, by the time Wizards resume the redemption, prices will be much lower than they used to be. Let me visualize you how prices changed. One week before, the full Inistrad set was worth about 130 event tickets, whereas it is merely 110 event tickets now. Second factor which is responsible for such low prices is release of Mercadian Masques block. As a result, we may observe intensive sales of cards by players who are willing to play drafts, but they do not have spare tickets to do so. Take advantage of that and set lower prices than you usually do. In my opinion INI did hit the bottom and prices will gradually raise in a next few weeks until Dark Ascension(second set from INI) comes online.

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