Friday, December 2, 2011

Vacation Features

In our continuing series on little-known bot features that can be used on vacation, let's take a look at a scenario:

You're on Christmas vacation, visiting relatives for the obligatory vacation. Since you deck the special events on MTGO, you see that there is a constructed event you wish to partake in.

However, you know that you also need four (4) copies of Garruk Relentless or your deck simply will not be competitive.

You also know that this card is pretty tough to find and you simply do not have the opportunity to spend a couple of hours seeking Garruk Relentless and comparing prices for it. So what is a bot owner to do?

Why not advertise that you are buying it?

But I'm on vacation having one of those obligatory meals with relatives, remember?

So? Are you going to let the fact that you can not access the bot without using some VPN software stop you? Just log into your MTGO Library Control Panel and change your advertising message. (Found here: )

This feature gets lost in the plethora of options listed on Control Panel page but nonetheless, still is quite useful. You simply change your classified message that you are seeking Garruk Relentless and then when a trade comes in, you'll receive notification on your smartphone. (Assuming you've set up the appropriate email filters.) Then you excuse yourself from dinner for a few minutes, pick up Garruk Relentless and return to dinner; satisfied that your bot is working for you while you are enjoying a family meal with your relatives, and ready to kick some arse in that tournament shortly.

There is a caveat though: the advertising messages get updated once an hour so it will take a little time for the message to actually be posted. So while this method won't get you cards in under two (2) hours, it could if you gave it a day or so.

Join us next time when we continue our trip through little known bot features.

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