Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advantages of a bot owner, "the drafter" Part 2 of 2

Hello, today I will be guiding you through part 2 of my review about the advantages of a bot owner, this time as a drafter.

This is not a guide on how to make profit as a drafter, since thats something I can't teach you in a simple blog post. Drafting is almost a form of gambling, where paying around 13-15$ worth of Event Tickets(or packs) will grant you an average of 3-10$ worth in cards and a chance of getting packs as extra. If you're looking for a safe profit, I wouldn't recommend drafting, but if you're already a drafter and regularly sell all you get into a random bot, then this guide might help you get more for your cards.

Bot type
You will be generating many cards, some which might be worth 10-20 event tickets, others that might be worth almost nothing and that you might already have 10+ in stock. Ideally I would recommend you to set 2 bot accounts, possibly one Lite, one Pro. Also, as your main goal is to sell, you might want to tune down your buying prices. You will not get tickets instantly for the cards you just drafted with but, in the long run, you will get more out of them.

Pro version:
This will be the bot that will likely feed (or help to feed) your drafting "addiction". the reason why you need the pro version is to make sure you will sell the expensive cards at a market price, so instead of selling a card to another bot for 16 which he would sell back at 19, you might just sell it yourself quickly at 18.5 on your own bot, making 2.5 extra event tickets that you wouldn't do without a bot.

Booster Packs:
You might also want the pro bot to buy packs at a very competitive price (even if just 0.01 under the usual bots sell price) and this is mostly because of costumers that sell them to you at, for example, 3.71 will come back to deal with your bot with the 0.71 credit they have or, in some cases, forget about it meaning that you might get some packs at simply 3 Event tickets.

Lite Version:
This is likely to be useful for the bulk amount of the same cards you have, wont make a huge difference to what you would get for those cards in comparison to selling them to a bulk bot but at least this one will take them (while most bots wouldn't even pick them, or not pick enough to reach a Event ticket worth).
This will also make bot costumers that like to pick a few cheap common/uncommon cards happy and possibly come back.

Drafting can be expensive if you don't have regular results, but with the help of bots you can minimize the costs or amplify the profits if you're a good drafter. Always keep in mind the costs and if you're not making enough wins, stop, research about the sets you're drafting with and take a break. Drafting straight after your last loss usually results in making bad decisions.
Good luck drafting and selling your cards!

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