Friday, December 9, 2011

How about a forum?

Hello there!

Me and the owner of the BestDeal bot chain have been speaking a bit in the past about where users can turn if they want to contact other bot users, for tips or just simple discussions.
This blog were a really good idea from Albert, but I don't really think it's enough.
Since there was no forum for bot users it I decided to create one. I made it so that the bot community will grow, also so that bot users can get help and tips easier.
I hope that you will think that this was a good initiative and that you will use it. Right now the forum only got the basic features that a forum should have to work. But if people will start using it i will continue the developing of it.
The first things i will start making on the forum is a list of scammers and bot abusers. So if you have had contact of any please write in that specific thread on the forum!
The forum is located on


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