Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Float (Part 2 of 3)

Last time I introduced the concept of float, where a company is given money for future considerations. Today, we'll discuss how this relates to MTGO Library.

MTGO Library uses a credit system, which for all intents and purposes, is float. While there are many customers who prefer the LITE bot system where buying and selling X cards per ticket makes for easy accounting and typically leads to little, if any, float, the PRO bot makes it difficult for those customers who do not wish to deal with minutae. That minutae is what we call credits.

At first glance, looking at these credits doesn't seem like a lot of trouble. Each one is usually under a ticket and customers will simply bookmark any bot they have traded with and come back looking to see if the bot has received that fourth Wall of Omens yet.

But over time and over a customer base, this can really add up. If you look at the credit list of one of my bots, and you total what you see, that total is 20.441 tickets over the top thirteen (13) customers. (The top entry is for my personal account. I want to be able to get whatever I need, whenever I need it.) As you can see, this is not a trivial amount of product. Yes, the credits are still there for those who return to use them but if you look at this list, and your list through the control panel, you will see accounts which have gone dark. More money for you.

But there is a dark side to float, and how this can affect our business, which I will discuss next time.

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