Thursday, December 8, 2011

Remote Bot Administration

Last time I discussed my experience of bot maintenance while on vacation. I mentioned that I was able to remotely control the bot. Let's discuss that in a little more detail. But first, there are pre-requisites:

[A] Tick the checkbox to enable an administrator mode.

[B] Enter the account which will be able to enter administrator commands

Then, when you need to, just enter the command you wish to execute. We'll discuss a few today and the rest next time.

help = gives a list of available commands

kill = close the bot, close MTGO

shut = close the bot, close MTGO and shut down the computer

m restart = restarts MTGO

b restart = restarts MTGO and the bot

mode = mode 1; mode 2; mode 3; changes working mode where 1 = buying; 2 = selling; 3 = both

Each of these are fairly self-explanatory. Usage is simple. Log into MTGO with your administrator account, open a trade with your bot and when the bot recognizes you as an administrator, then enter the command, and that's it.

Nothing Earth-shattering here I know. Just meat-and-potatoes commands that do nothing flashy, won't directly make you money, but are features that if you need them, you know are there.

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