Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New settings!

Hello there!
I've changed my autotransfer settings very much since i started my bots, and never really known whats the best. Anyways, I've set some new autotransfer settings again and felt for sharing it and some other thoughts i have come up with lately :)

At the moment i have 4 buying bots and 4 selling bots, each of them numbered 0-4
Once a day my 4 buying bots refills my 3 last selling bots, 1-3.
Leaving bot 0 unrefilled. Though, after all transfers are done to selling bots 1-3, those bots refill bot 0, which results in that bot 0 has all cards in stock (That any of my bots owns of course), making it easier for my buying customers.

Every monday, wednesday and friday my last 3 selling bots transfers all their tickets to my first selling bot, Swebot. On tuesdays, thirsdays and saturdays my Swebot spreads the tickets out on my buying bots (At the moment they are set to refill until 75) but usually i keep them refilled to 150. The reason i lowered to 75 is that I've raised my buying prices for mythic and rare cards pretty much latest time, mythics and rares are now set to buy at +10% of ML bot pricelist. Which have been resulting in my bots buying alot more cards, so my amount of tickets are running lower then usual. Though everyone should know that the more distinct cards a bot has, the more customers it will get!

All my buying bots are set to buy up to 4x of each card and they are set to refill up to 4x to my selling bots. I really don't thing that there's any reason to have more then 4x of any card on the same bot. Although, when i refill my buying bots from my stock account i refill up to 8x of all cards. So that the buying bots wont just take 4, transfer them to my selling bots and then buy 4 new of the same card that i already have in stock. Since that's a waste of tickets.

At the moment Swebot has approximately 59.500 cards, with no more then 4x of each card!
That's about 15000 distinct cards! I have seen bots with 70.000+ cards, at first it seems nice. But when you check how many of each card they have in stock it often works out to about 10000 distinct cards or less. A good bot doesn't just have a large stock, a good bot has a large stock with a large amount of distinct cards!

And also as I mentioned in my last post, I've created a forum! But it's still lacking users! It's really hard to start a forum since if having no users no one else will come. But if some people get there and write some threads it will for sure attract more users! So go to, register an account and write a something about yourself! :)


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