Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cube draft is back

The Magic Online Cube will start after the downtime (Wednesday) on July 11 and ends on July 18. For those who are not familiar with the Cube, it is some kind of phantom draft where all the most powerful cards ever printed are in draft pool. Furthermore, fifty new cards have been added to the Cube, including additions from Avacyn Restored such as Griselbrand, replacing cards from the previous version. If that weren't enough to get you excited, you should also know that this is the exact Cube competitors will be playing at the 2012 Magic Players Championship in Seattle! Entry option is 7 Event Tickets. This time prizes will be given in Onslaught block boosters. On top of that WotC is launching on July 11 Onlaught drafts queues as well. The Onslaught Block booster draft queue ends with the following week's downtime on Wednesday, July 25. Treat this post as a warning. Dozens of new cards from Onslaught block are going to flood the market causing drastical drop price.

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