Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What is the best license for me to pick? (Part 2)

On my last post I let you know that I use one of each of the four options when it comes to licenses, Proving that there isn't a best option, all depending on what type and quantity of trades you do.

Firstly you need to understand that all my bots don't use the same pricing. Its part of my marketing strategy to attract all types of customers and the way I setup my bots gives both the option of selling bulk commons for 0.01 tickets as bulk (attracting new players that don't intend to spend a lot into MTGO) and at the same type buy a specific top Mythic for more than any other bot.

So how are my bots set up in terms of Licensing?

On my fourth bot (BestDeal4) I set it up as the Cheap BulkBot with a Lifetime Lite license buying all bulk for a minimum and selling it all cheaply as well. Because 80% of the stock on all 4 bots comes from here, this bot buys in high quantity and regularly usually refilling whats sold on not just on BestDeal4 but also the other three bots.

BestDeal3 is also a BulkBot but this one buys for more and also sells for much more. Although it seems that this bot would buy much more bulk than BestDeal4 that doesn't happen. BestDeal3 runs on a rental Lite license.

BestDeal2 is my entry Pro bot with a rental license, this bot sells cheaper than BestDeal but also buys for less, because this bot refills BestDeal, it has much lesser trades involving high valued cards making it the reason why it doesn't compensate the lifetime pro license.

BestDeal is the main bot, it has the most stock, buys for the highest (up to 30% over price list) and in this bot I don't aim to be the cheapest selling bot (selling +5%~). Due to the high amount of trades involving big cards, the Pro lifetime license on this bot is a "must".

How do you think I've set it all up in terms of buying and refilling to avoid buying bulk at high prices? What have I done to get most trades happening on BestDeal and BestDeal4, the 0% fee bots? This and any questions you ask on comments will be answered in the next few days.

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